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What is “Livre d’or gratuit” ?

Several years ago, I completed a guestbook for my husband’s 40th birthday. Before the party, I asked all his close friends and family to write a testimony for him (text, images or even a video).

Everyone “played the game,” and I collected more than 50 testimonies, which I gave to him as a gift for his birthday.

He was totally surprised and really emotional.

You too can build your own guestbook for a friend or family member. It is very simple and free, thanks to this site. Even if people are located around the world, each person can “create” their testimony and add it to the guestbook. All you have to do is create a guestbook and invite friends and family members to contribute via email or social media. Each person can register for the site and then add their testimony. Your role is to simply keep reminding people to send their testimonies!

I hope you’ll be interested in the idea of a guestbook including testimonies from friends and family members. You’ve probably seen how guestbooks sadly remain empty during events (birthdays, marriages…). By creating your own guestbook before the event, you can provide the necessary time for friends and family members to find the right words or unforgettable images. THIS guestbook will be different!

You can “offer” this guestbook via the internet or on a smartphone (100% free) for their birthday. It will be accessible online for a 1 year period.

You can also decide to keep a physical copy of the testimonies by printing the guestbook. You can do so directly via my Words are Gifts online boutique, which is a concept store with original gifts and message decorations.

Here and in my boutique I hope you’ll find different ideas that will make you want to say (or resay) how much you love those you love.
Happy “guestbooking”!

Marie Ben

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